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The LSD Experiments
In early 1967, Dr. Barker commenced a new series of experiments on the patients at Oak Ridge.  The LSD Experiments were conducted as part of the Defence Disruption Therapy program but only on a select group of patients within the program were subjected to the experiment.   

The men who were chosen for the experiment were escorted to Oak Ridge’s F Ward where the LSD was administered.  There, in the Capsule, or Box, a group of naked men were confined, stripped naked, to an area where they would be in various states of drug induced “trips” that would sometimes last a number of days.  

Patients were given massive doses of LSD either orally or injected intramuscularly and at times administered in combination with Methedrine (a drug of the amphetamine group. Also known as methamphetamine, it is used as a stimulant). 

The LSD Experiments have been documented to result in various serious and long lasting symptoms, including but not limited to suicide (attempted and realized), homicide, paranoid psychoses, severe depression, acute schizophrenic reactions, extreme anxiety, and “flashbacks”.