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Total Encounter Capsule Program
The Capsule is a small windowless room with dimensions approximately 8’ x 10’.  Groups of four or more men would be stripped naked and placed in the Capsule for periods of up to two weeks at a time.  The space was always lit, leading the men to be unable to distinguish day from night, confusion, disorientation, and serious confrontations between the men ensued.   

During detention in the Capsule, the men were given various drugs including LSD and other hallucinogens. 

The only nourishment provided to the men in the Capsule were in beverage form and had to be consumed through the use of straws inserted through holes in the Capsule food dispensers.   

There were no beds in the Capsule.  The men were forced to sleep on a small rug over a foam mat on the concrete floor.  There were no towels, and there were no private washroom facilities.  The sum total of the facilities was an open toilet and a wash basin. 

The men in the Capsule were under constant observation by other psychiatric patients through either a one-way mirror in the ceiling and or through closed circuit videotaping through recessed cameras in the walls and ceiling. 

The Total Encounter Capsule program ran from August 1968 through to 1979.